Infant Breathing Tube Support

  • The Capette is used to keep the tubes in a comfortable position when an infant is attached to a Ventilator, CPAP or High Flow system.
  • The Capette is a complete solution to keep nasal devices properly positioned without adhesives contacting the skin.
  • Properly positioned nasal devices help to prevent or minimize nasal septum damage.

Contraindications: The Capette is contraindicated in individuals that should not wear a cap with a headband because of wounds or malformations of the cranium.

Warnings: Head straps can cause cranium molding when applied too tight.


CapKnitted Cotton
StrapCotton, Polyethylene foam and polyester loop material
Tube Tackles   (Reclosable Fasteners)3M™ polypropylene hooks with an acrylic adhesive