Catch 22mm™

Safety Clamp for 22mm Tubing

Keep Tubes Where You Want Them

The Catch 22mm clip provides an easy way to support all types of 22mm respiratory tubing. Properly stabilized tubing results in more comfort for the patient by reducing strain on their respiratory attachments, such as minimizing tugging and pulling on the trach collar. Supporting tubing is essential for maintaining a proper seal with CPAP and BiPAP interfaces. It also offers an extra hand during set up or adjustments to the patient attachments.


Maintain Clean Therapeutic Devices

The Catch 22mm was specifically designed to address one common issue: keeping respiratory tubing from sliding down onto the floor. Securing tubing helps to keep the tubing clean and neat. Properly secured tubing adds to safety and comfort for all concerned. The Catch 22mm provides the assistance needed by keeping the 22mm tube in place while setting up or adjusting a patient's interface.


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