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Visit Airways Development at AARC 2016 Congress and NANN Conference in Palm Springs

October 15, 2016

Airways Development will be on hand at the main conferences focused on respiratory care and neonatal nursing in 2016.

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is hosting their annual Congress in San Antonio on October 15-17, 2016. Visit the Airways Development team at booth 441 to see the latest developments with our line of products, including the WaterPAP Pro and Septal-H. WaterPAP Pro features a zero level limiter, eliminated the need to aspirate the canister on a daily basis. Septal-H is the newest innovation in cannula securement for infants and premature babies.

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) 32nd annual conference takes place in Palm Springs on October 26-29, and Airways Development will be on hand at booth 555.

We are excited to be showing off our newest products to respiratory therapists and neonatal nurses dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care. Demos and samples will be available at both events. We are excited to meet you there!

Airways Development to Exhibit at Upcoming NYDART Event

March 7, 2016

Come visit Airways Development at the upcoming NYDART Respiratory Therapy Symposium & Exhibition at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, March 18. The Company is proud to be displaying their two newest available products: Septal-H and WaterPAP Pro. Septal-H is the latest in adhesive free cannula stabilization solutions for clinicians caring for neonates and children. WaterPAP Pro is the next phase in bubble CPAP and features functional improvements over the original design.

As always, Airways Deveopment will be also be showcasing their full line of products for respiratory therapy professionals and NICU nurses. Beyond the two new additions, attendees can get a first-hand look at the original WaterPAP, Capette & Strapette with tube tackles, Trib, Catch 22mm, Sensor Wrap, Chin Strap, and SavEar. There will be samples for booth visitors during the event.

Visit Airways Development Booth 411 at AARC Congress 2015

July 8, 2015

Airways Development has reserved an exhibit at the AARC Congress 2015 in Tampa, Florida. It is the 61st International Respiratory Convention & Exhibition and will be located in the Tampa Bay Convention Center from November 7-10, 2015. This event is right on the water in sunny Florida and will have many education sessions, speakers, and research topics.

Airways Development will be showcasing a full line of products plus the newest products: WaterPAP. Capette & Strapette with tube tackles, Trib, Catch 22mm, Sensor Wrap, Chin Strap, and SavEar. There will be samples for booth visitors during the event.

Some topics that will be discussed at the AARC Congress are:

  • Patient Safety: tools and monitoring
  • Clinical Controversies in Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care
  • Managing the COPD Patient
We hope to see you there!

For more information about the AARC congress please visit

Airways Development to Exhibit at Upcoming FOCUS Event.

August 12, 2014

Airways Development has reserved an exhibit space at the upcoming FOCUS conference held at The Desomnd Hotel & Convention Center in Albany, NY on October 20 – 21, 2014.

This two day conference draws attendees from around the Northeast, and Airways Development will be displaying their full line of products, including: WaterPAP, Capette & Strapette with Tube Tackles, Trib and Catch 22mm. Samples of the Catch 22mm will be available to booth visitors, and the Company will be introducing some new products as well.

This year's fall symposium features the following nationally renowned speakers:

  • Alphonso Quinones DHA, MA, RRT-NPSDr.
  • Neil MacIntyre MD
  • Rob Chatburn MHHS, RRT-NPS, FAARCDr.
  • William Dement MD
  • Bob Kacmarek RRT, PhD
  • Robyn Woidtke RN, RPSGT
  • Beth Cooper RRT-NPS
  • Joseph Sorbello RRT, M.Ed
  • Jan Thalman MS RRT FAARC
  • Dan Chipman BS, RRT
  • Rochelle Goldberg MD
  • Dave Gourley RRT
For more information please visit the event's organizers website.

Airways will be featuring the new SPA-Pad at NANN in Nashville.

October 2, 2013

Calling customer care representatives everywhere! Airways is heading to Nashville to exhibit at the National Association for Neonatal Nurses (NANN) annual convention on October 2nd through the 5th. At booth #639 we are featuring Strapette and Capette with Tube Tackles as the Tape-Free solution to support both CPAP and High Flow cannula setups. We choose to highlight these products because of the success we are having through reorders.

In addition we will be displaying WaterPAP and accessories, and we are introducing two brand new products at the show:

The Neonatal SPA-Pad

Indications: Neo SPA-Pad is a single patient use air dispersion pouch. It is indicated for use to disperse warm humid air directly around a newborn infant to help maintain body temperature while exposed to room atmosphere.

And a smaller sized Trib, intended for pediatrics:

Click here to visit the NANN website for more information on the conference, and here for a schedule of exhibit hours.

Visit us at booth #639 to say hello and check out our products.

Airways to be Exhibiting at upcoming Critical Care Nursing Convention in Boston.

May 9, 2013

Click here to visit the website for the American Association for Critical Care Nurses where you can find more information about the conference and register.

Airways will be handing out free samples of the new Catch 22mm product while supplies last! Visit us at booth #2687 to check out our products.

Airways Development Tackles Golden Hour with Rutgers and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

March 26, 2013

Airways Development has teamed up with the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering school at Rutgers University along with Neonatology and Respiratory Care at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ to help develop a device for use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. (NICUs)

The device is focused on what is often called “the Golden Hour” when a premature infant arrives in the Intensive Care Unit. Due to the prematurity condition, clinicians are faced with a multiplicity of issues that need attention and care. One of the issues is how the premature skin allows body fluid evaporation at an extremely alarming rate. A condition called “Insensible Water Loss,” it is currently guarded against by clinicians using a variety of methods applying only the materials at hand. The mission of this project is to design a device that minimizes insensible water loss and helps to warm the infant while still allowing clinicians full access to the infant for the many other required procedures.

The project began with a presentation by biomedical engineering at Robert Wood Johnson to the engineering students. They learned about the present state-of-the-art equipment and devices used, such as overhead warmers and incubators, when a premature infant is being warmed and cared for upon arrival in the NICU. Armed with modern technological information, access to equipment, test instruments and constraints outlined by Airways Development, the engineering students are beginning to formulate preliminary designs.

With input from neonatologists and respiratory therapists at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the engineering students have narrowed their designs down to two different options. They are building and testing the two different devices for performance characteristics and effectiveness.

The results of their work will be presented on Rutgers Day (April 27th) at the science fair. The public is invited to view this project along with many other projects from the school of engineering.

Airways Development to Exhibit at Upcoming NYDART Event

March 19, 2013

Airways Development has reserved an exhibit space at the upcoming NYDART conference held at Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11235. This one day conference on Friday, March 22, 2013, draws attendees from the New York City metropolitan area, Long Island, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley NY.

This year's spring symposium will be featuring the following nationally renowned speakers:

  • Dr. Suhail Raoof
  • Dr. Richard Lazzaro
  • Dr. Charles Oribabor
  • Dr. Ira M. Cheifetz
  • Patrick Dunne MEd, RRT, FAARC
  • Michael Gentile RRT, FAARC
  • Timothy R. Myers MBA, RRT-NPS, FAARC

And of course while you are there, please stop by our booth to see our latest new products!

For more information please Click Here for a PDF from the event's organizers.

WaterPAP® Canister Bracket Gets a Makeover

Source: PR Web

July 5, 2012

Airways Development LLC has expanded their Bubble CPAP product line, WaterPAP®, with an upgraded accessory, the Bracket with Tube Guide. WaterPAP® is a device used by respiratory therapists, doctors and nurses to generate positive airway pressure in neonatal patients. The differences between the new Bracket with Tube Guide and the original Canister Bracket are the new bracket is taller and it has a semi-circle guide rail around the top which serves to hold the top of the tube to the outside wall of the canister.

The new Bracket with Tube Guide provides added usability in that it allows an easy way to secure the tubing to the back of the WaterPAP® Canister. By securing the tubing in this manner, the end that is under water is now positioned against the inner wall of the canister, directly behind the 0-10cm depth label. This ensures the tube is positioned in a consistent manner and the depth is visually clear and easy to read, even from greater distances.

When asked about what inspired them to design the new Bracket with Tube Guide, Airways’ Vice President Robert Landis said, “We recently learned of a few clinicians that used rubber bands to secure the tubing in a very similar manner, and thought that providing a ready-made way for clinicians to do this would have great benefit. Some NICU’s use hundreds of canisters a year, so we wanted to find a way for them to secure the tubing for this effect with a reusable product, as opposed to adding to their costs with more disposables.”

As with all of Airways Development’s products, WaterPAP® and its accessories are available exclusively through regional distributors nationwide. For more information on the new Bracket with Tube Guide, please contact your local distributor. For information on distributors in your area feel free to call Jonathan, Director of Operations for Airways Development, at (908) 298-9200, or visit us at

New office and phone numbers for the growing Airways Development LLC

March 5, 2012

Airways Development LLC has moved offices and changed phone and fax numbers. The new location provides nearly double the space and is set up to accommodate the Company’s plans for growth.

Although still located in Kenilworth, NJ, the change in phone numbers was unavoidable. Calling the original number will provide you with a recorded message stating the number has been disconnected, followed by the new number. The fax is set up to forward any faxes sent to the original number for one month, at which point the Company hopes to have communicated the switch to all direct customers, distributors and suppliers.

When asked about the new location and numbers, Jonathan Landis the Director of Operations for Airways Development said, “It’s a bit of a hassle that we have to switch phone numbers while still keeping the same zip code, but unfortunately we don’t have a choice in the matter. The most important thing is the space is far more accommodating to our needs. I see the new phone number as a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.”

The Company asks that you please update your records with their billing and shipping addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers. The complete information is below. Please feel free to call the new office number if you have any questions.

Airways Development LLC
740 Jefferson Ave. Suite B
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Phone: (908) 298-9200
Fax: (908) 298-9201

Airways Development Launches Brand New Website

Source: PR Web

January 25, 2012

A fresh website went live Monday on, and plans to expand the site are already underway. The site is launched shortly after the Company received 501(k) approval on their WaterPAP® device and as sales begin for the new Capette™ product.

Airways Development specializes in respiratory support products for neonatal patients. The WaterPAP® Valve is an essential component for setting up bubble CPAP, which delivers a constant controllable pressure in the patient’s respiratory tract and helps support underdeveloped lungs. The Capette™ is a revolutionary breathing tube support that not only is comfortable for patients, but incredibly easy for the nurses to use. Hospitals are known to improvise using rubber gloves or even safety pins with rubber bands to hold tubes in place, but with the Capette™ on the market those practices will become ancient history.

Jonathan Landis, web developer for explains, "Providing detailed information and media on our products was an absolute priority for the Company, although a considerable amount of time and effort was also spent making sure the site has a clean look and is easy to navigate. Content is king, but I believe a user-friendly interface is almost equally as important." The site was developed using Joomla 1.7, and Landis is gearing up for the upgrade to Joomla 2.5 which is due out by February 10.

Future plans to expand the website coincide with current product development at Airways. "Eventually we would like e-commerce solutions, specifically for the Capette™ and future products. For example, parents with infants on ventilators in their home may be able to benefit from the Capette™, so our aim is to make it easily available for them," says Landis.

Please check back with in the near future for announcements concerning new product developments and enhancements to the website itself.

Airways announces launch of WaterPAP® product line

January 11, 2012

Airways Development Co. LLC has announced their new WaterPAP® Valve product line will replace WaterSeal™ starting March 1, 2012. WaterPAP® comes with its own underwater tube, diffuser assembly and expanded instructions for use.

The original WaterSeal™ canister, product number CP-2202, is being replaced with the new WaterPAP® device, product number WP-7700. After March 1, orders placed for WaterSeal™ CP-2202 will instead be filled with WaterPAP® WP-7700.

Robert Landis, co-founder and Vice President of Airways Development, is looking forward to the new product line. "With the FDA approval under our belts, we can now package the WaterPAP® device with the essential components to use the product properly. This is one of the greatest benefits that comes with FDA approval."

You can read more detailed information on how the WaterPAP® device works here, or you can read the product label online or download the product label in .pdf format. displays temporary landing page

November 16, 2011

Airways Development has launched a temporary landing page on, and hired a web developer to build a new site from scratch.

The landing page includes information on the recently approved WaterPAP® valve as well as details on the brand new Capette™ device. Both devices are slated for release in the first quarter of 2012.

Wayne Disanza, co-founder and President of Airways Development explained, "With our new products moving from development to production, it is now more important than ever that we have a presence on the web." The landing page provides essential information on the devices, product labels and instructions for use, as well as temporary photographs.

Robert Landis, co-founder and Vice President of Airways Development, has brought on his son Jonathan to develop the new website. The new site is expected to launch in early 2012.

Airways receives 510(k) for WaterPAP®

September 21, 2011

Airways Development has received 510(k) clearance for the WaterPAP® Valve from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

WaterPAP® is the part of an infant CPAP delivery system that generates Positive Airway Pressure (PAP), often referred to as “Bubble CPAP”. WaterPAP® has the advantage of providing a straight forward method of using underwater bubbling to generate PAP that is visual, logical and repeatable.

WaterPAP® is designed to assist clinicians with the task of setting up and securing a bubble jar. Its economical, efficient and secure, eliminating variations in the time-consuming tasks associated with in-house bubble set ups.

With the 510(k) approval, Airways Development has released a product label with expanded instructions for use. You can read the product label online or download it in .pdf format.