WaterPAP® Valve

From Airways Development

Bubble CPAP Made Easy

The WaterPAP medical device is an essential component in setting up bubble CPAP for patients in the neonatal intensive care unit. Bubble CPAP delivers constant pressure to the airway, providing critical respiratory support for premature infants with underdeveloped lungs. WaterPAP is simple to set up, saving you time so you have more time to focus your efforts on neonatal patient care.


Why choose WaterPAP?

WaterPAP has been specifically designed for neonatal patients, with respiratory therapists, doctors and NICU nurses in mind. It's design provides a safe, accurate and uniform method for generating positive airway pressures with a bubble CPAP system in your NICU. Using WaterPAP for early bubble CPAP provides you with an efficient and user-friendly way to maintain airway management with more effective results.

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Schematic showing the essentials for setting up Bubble CPAP using WaterPAP®