Instructions For Use

1. Attach the pole clamp to the IV pole.

2. Slide the stainless steel bracket
into the pole clamp.


3. Insert canister into bracket and
fill with water to the 0cm line.

4. Attach the 10mm corrugated tube
with air diffuser to the expiratory limb
of the continuous flow breathing circuit.


5. Insert the tube through the center hole
to the desired depth with the flow rate on.

6. Slide the tube sideways into the notch
that secures the tube in position.


7. Verify the pressure with an inline pressure
gauge and adjust the depth as needed.

8. Apply the protective cover to the top
of the canister.


9. Maintain the water level to the 0cm line.
Water level may be adjusted by inserting a
syringe through the center hole into the
water for aspiration.


10. Dispose of the WaterPAP® Setup as per your institutional guidelines for medical waste, in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.