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Effects of Condensate in the Exhalation Limb of Neonatal Circuits on Airway Pressure During Bubble CPAP
Tiffany M Youngquist, C Peter Richardson, PhD & Robert M DiBlasi, RRT NPS FAARC - Center for Developmental Therapeutics, Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, Washington.

Early Bubble CPAP Information
This web site is the work of the team at the Riyadh Military Hospital’s NICU

Early Bubble CPAP and Outcomes in ELBW Preterm Infants
Vivek Narendran MD, MRCP(UK), Edward F Donovan MD, Steven B Hoath MD, Henry T Akinbi MD, Jean J Steichen MD and Alan H Jobe MD, PhD
Division of Neonatology, Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, Cincinnati OH, USA

The Use of Bubble CPAP in Premature Infants: Local Experience (.pdf)
KM Chan, HB Chan; Study from 2007

Bubble CPAP Clinical Paper Summaries